Sunday, August 31, 2014

Datsumo Labo IPL Hair Removal review!


I always wonder why celebrities could have flawless looking skin without any unglam hair roots or dark spot on their body areas especially their UNDERARMS!!

Decide to pay a visit to popular hair removal from Datsumo Labo ! I had tried shaving creams,shavers,waxing,but sadly none of them makes me feel comfortable. I have sensitive skin since young, I am really particular about the products i have been using as i am more prone to causing allergies reactions. I read tons of reviews before decide to visit Datsumo Labo!

WHY CHOOSE Datsumo Labo ? 


 " Painless innovative HAIR REMOVAL technology that will pleasantly surprise those new to HAIR REMOVAL!It features the premier HAIR REMOVAL machine M.S.Krypton and MiniSilk FT developed by DEKA, and the safe and reliable new product release from GSD, the “Premium Light” HAIR REMOVAL machine which offers high & powerful aesthetical results. machines are equipped with special mechanisms that are gentle to your skin, which keeps the treatment painless! Exclusive cooling gel also gives extra protection to your skin  "

                                 USING S.S.C LATEST TECHNOLOGY

What is S.S.C Hair Removal?
S.S.C. stands for Smooth Skin Control, a state-of-the-art hair removal technology. Hair is removed through the synergy of gel and light. By weakening the regrowth of hair, S.S.C causes unwanted hair to gradually become thinner and less noticeable. It causes little pain and is especially suitable for customers with sensitive skin.

When to bugis cube it's just located beside bugis mall. As i entered i was greeted with warm smiles and i proceed to the consultation area.From there i was given explanation of what's the harmful ways of hair removals and the process of doing IPL . After being advice by the beauty Esthestician , i proceed on with the treatments. 

Some information of the parts for hair removals

stage 1

stage 2 

I decide to tried on the underarms treatments,i was told to lie on the bed and wear shades to protect my eyes.All i can heard was the machine *ZIP ZIP* & less then 5mins i am done! It's super fast & before i knew IT WAS DONE! SUPER FAST AND PAINLESS! ( I am expecting  some feeling like ants bite,but to my surprise NO PAIN AT ALL! ) SUPER HAPPY!! I can't wait to go back to my 2nd session!


Directions of how to reach the outlet.

After alighting from bugis MRT,walk through the mall and turn on your left found the escalator leads underground the arcade. just walk out from the mall and you had to cross the road.Which you will be able to find bugis cube.

Take the stairs up just beside the BBQ store.

Take the escalator to level 3.

  you can found the shop located at #03-23 !

Got super excited when i saw my favorite blogger!

Famous bloggers with their testimonials





Tuesday, December 17, 2013

(Sponsored) Product Review: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump 2013

"I believe in giving my child the best"
Hello readers, today I have a very special review to share with you all, as you all know I always share good things. Haha!
"As a parent, I will always give my child the best in everything that I have or I can afford." I am sure that's what every parents think. Jovi is now 6months plus and I am proudly to say I have successfully breastfeed him! And I hope I could go on as long as I could to give him the best in everything.
Today I am going to review about..
Hmm, Comon' tell me what's all about it?

A short introduction about this product

Tommee Tippee close to nature breast pump 2013 is the award wining Mother's Choice award this year. The unique silicone cup gives maximum comfort to mum and is specially designed to baby's natural feeding action for improved expression of breast milk.

What does the bundle contains :
1 x microwave steriliser box
1 x breast milk storage pot
1 x close to nature bottle with slow flow teat (150ml)
6 x disaposable breast pads
Here's a sneak peak of how does it looks like while in packaging
(I totally love how the packaging looks like!
It's totally like a "peak-a-boo" surprise box!)
Instructions in both English & Chinese!
Lazy to read like me? No worries!
There's pictures!
Fixing up the machine and all ready to use!!
All you need is 4 x AA batteries and we are all ready to move!
What I love:
1) Silicone Cup 

I totally love how big and comfy the silicone cup as it gives maximum comfort to me during pumping. Means no more trying to squeeze my breast to fit in the hole! However, it does not have a massage cushion compare to the other breast pump but it is able to let me feel comfortable and relax while expressing my took me not long for my "reflex" to be down!
2) Performance
 Featuring four adjustable settings (light, low, medium, high) for comfort and control, I can choose the level of expression phase which I am comfortable of. At first I am really scared of the high level mode, especially if you are suffering from crack nipples or sore blister, I will suggest you to start off with a low mode and slowly increase the speed. I totally love how the high mode works and I am able to express out my milk fast. 
3) Size
Compare to others breast pump, I find that Tommee tippee especially won my heart for this part as it is easy to carry it around and it's light. It is a great help if you are already carrying lots of your children stuff or your working documents.   
 A little warning to my readers for safety use!
 I simply love this product from Mothercare!
Christmas is coming, it's a good time to spread some LOVE!
Retail price $299 from Mothercare !
Thank you mothercare for sponsoring me  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coming back soon!

Hello everyone! MISS ME?!
Super busy with my working life and my lil'family life.HeeHee
I will be back for more reviews soon, I promise!
Lots of reviews waiting to be publish!
*Hugs & Kisses*

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jovi's babyspa trip

slacked my day till afternoon.Decide to bring jovi for his babyspa.Bought 4 sessions plus 1 massage session for him.its' s soo crazily cost me around $100-$150.parents and love decide to went along.drove to plazza sing as I always wanted to try the spa there whenever I walked pass! Reach there and was being welcome by the staff.Then they ask us to proceed in.decide to weight jovi first before his spa.undress him and put on his swimmers diapers bought from there.Baby jovi was super excited when he was being put Iinto the pool.he started kicking and swim around in circles! Ultra cute max.The spa lady was quite nice..she keep talking to us and play with jovi too..making sure he does not cry or sleep while swimming.The whole time I keep praying that jovi wount fall asleep in the pool while swiming coz if once he fall asleep or cry it means 1 of the session end.Lucky jovi last for around 15mins before he start to zzz! Once he started to doze off the lady call us dress him up.After his spa session.went for our dinner then home sweet home.

Love the taiwan eyelashes!! 
very comfortable

Real cute shots of jovi

Disposable swimmers diapers selling at $1.50

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jovi's Full Month 060713

Hello readers! I am back after taking such a looong break!
Finally having some time to blog about jovi full month celebrations..first time using phone to update through a post.
Finally  a long wait, it's jovi full month!
Book hillbrooks function hall for his full month venue. Order food from noya mummies but sadly the food was not enough on that day..we end up ordering 2 rounds of pizza. Door gifts were handmade from me..its quite meaningful to do from the stratch from dying red eggs till handmake the layout for his babycard.
A very big thanks for thoes who  turn up for jovi full month! 
Let the pictures do the talking!

On our way to the venue

All of our handmade Decorations! 
Baby seablue theme!
 Thanks laopo for the 2 big balloons! (Sadly she got work on that day)

Thanks aunty zozo for turning up!
 full month cup cakes from sweetest moment

  gifts & angbaos